This will be the first, in what I hope to many Blogger Profiles. I am a huge fan of quite a few blogs, and IslandStyle is one of them. This blog is an elder to mine, and I look to it with respect as it is a source of inspiration. I hope to achieve the level of consistency and following that it has. With that said, I introduce Toya Turner, the talented woman behind IsandStyle

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What inspired you to start blogging, and how long have you been doing it?

I started my blog to tell a different story. So many people think they know what Antiguan women are like- and it isn’t the most flattering perception to be frank. This blog is about showing that we are multi dimensional and showcasing one woman may seem like a vanity project but the blog was not started as a style blog. It evolved unto that based on feedback from my readers. I didn’t do much advertising of the blog- and I only installed the tracker a couple months ago- the response has been encouraging. Over time it has moved from style into featuring my business and my friends. It almost has a life of it’s own. My posts are requests from readers sometimes too! It’s not just what I feel like writing about.

Does it ever get difficult to blog, feeling more like a chore than a hobby?

No. You know what they say- when you’re doing what you love it’s never work. Sometimes I slack off and forget I have a blog. That’s usually the time I get emails from readers asking for a new post. I was floored the first time I got an email from a woman in Sweden. I realized that my little attempt to shout at the world was really becoming an opportunity to connect with people I otherwise would never meet.

Just by browsing your blog site, I can see how stylish an individual you are. What do you think attributes to that?

Thank you. I think my style comes from my love of art. There are several artists in my family and I do quite a bit of sketching myself. I think clothes are a form of art. If you really consider it – we tell on ourselves with the things we wear. I hope people can see that I love pretty things that are well made and that I have fun with clothes. The right outfit can change your entire day.

Did you ever study anything in the fashion design field? If not, why?

I didn’t. I am an accountant. I couldn’t convince my dad to pay for fashion design. He’s pretty straight laced. I am doing my own line of tunics now though. I’ve got my own business and I sell them in my shop- so I guess in the end we both got what we wanted.

Have you gotten any negative feedback from your blog posts? If so, how do you handle it?

If you’re not pissing someone off you’re doing something wrong! My gran used to say – people hated Jesus !!! you have to be prepared for people to hate you. No one is really anonymous on my blog anyway. There’s software for everything these days. You’d be surprised how specific they can be at showing the location of your commenters. Lol.

Why did you finally decide to open your store?

Working for “the man” won’t cut it. If you never figure out how to make your money work for you how will you ever acquire real wealth? I am not motivated by money. I’m motivated by security. From reading your previous posts, I realize that it was quite a task to go from idea to reality. Would you do anything different in regards to the opening of the store? I would ask more questions. I have the Birkenstock franchise- it seemed like a great idea. But I didn’t know the tax on shoes is 49.5% of the value. Lol I just had no idea how little is in place to assist young entrepreneurs.

What do you see in your blogging and entrepreneurial future?

TEA my line of tunics- I’d like to see it available all through the region and south America. They are perfect for our weather. I’ve got an idea in mind for how I can make that happen- but I am gonna ask more questions first. Haha. Ideally I would love to manufacture them here in Antigua. If I could define that dream it would be my tunics made here- available eveywhere!

About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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