Thor Gateways… God I love a man with a mighty hammer…..

Most anyone who’s gone through the process of construction, will be able to identify when I say, after you’re done, saying things are financially tight is an understatement. We were broke like the ten commandments. On top of that, we were planning a wedding, albeit a small one, but that just added more fuel to the broke fire. Kid’s don’t try that at home.

Kevin and I never lived together before we got married. We both lived in our separate family homes, getting together to do the freak nasty at his house whenever  we could.  😀 Our rooms contained most of the stuff we owned, which wasn’t much. We were ready to move into the house about 3 weeks after we got married, and hardly had anything to put in it, so we had to buy EVERTHING. Things that you take for granted when you live with your parents. It was funny, because sometimes we didn’t realize we didn’t have something, until we tried to use it.  We stuck a pad on the refrigerator, so that as soon as we noticed we needed functional apparatus, we could make a note of the it. Didn’t mean we could afford to buy it right away, but we sure could borrow it from my mom.

“Mom can I borrow your toilet brush?”

“Mom, you have any extra garbage bins?” 

“Mom, you got an extra plunger?”

“Mom you have another dish drain that you not using?”

I believe it took us 2 years, before we felt settled.

One major milestone, was finally fencing the yard. Kevin and his cousin did it. (I love a handy man with big tools. None a dat peyaw peyaw sarfie sarfie han’ man)  😀  He was ecstatic, because he could finally start planting all of his beautiful flowers, without fear of goats or cattle turning them into lunch. The only thing with our fence though, was that we’d never gotten a proper gate. He made a make shift gate out of the fencing wire, and it did the job, but it was sooooo unattractive. Not only was it unattractive, it was not functional. If you didn’t watch your step, you’d buss your ass trying to come to, or leave my house. But we just couldn’t afford to get a gate. It was never a priority, because we had sooo many other responsibilities. We had been putting gate money aside, but something always came up and it would get spent. 

Now, after 5 years, we finally did it. Last week, Kevin bought the material, and as he had 2 days off this week, he said he would build the gate.  I would leave for work and see all of these magnificent tools sprawled across my verandah….. saw, level, drill, and the mighty hammer like Thor, God of Thunder. I never saw the gate mid production, but when I came home from work last night, there it was, hanging. So beautiful. I could see how proud he was. I was proud too. Thor I mean Kevin, unhitched a latch, and swung back one half of the gate, and as I stepped on to our property incident free, (I usually got my clothes caught in the fencing wire somehow or tripped on the part at the bottom that had to remain hooked),  I heard the angels singing Adiemus. How can something so small make someone so happy? I look forward to leaving our house and coming home, now more than ever.

On a sidenote. I saw the movie Thor, (as you can probably guess)and other than Spartacus, he may be the finest looking white man I have ever seen. I had to pick my bottom lip off the floor. 😀

mood: Loving my gate, enjoying new found appreciation for sexy white men, since Spartacus is on hiatus,..humming Adiemus and feeling full of hope.

About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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2 Responses to Thor Gateways… God I love a man with a mighty hammer…..

  1. DJ says:

    Nothing sexier than watching your man do work around the house! Usually takes longer than you would have liked but once he gets going, you can’t help but share in his joy once he’s all done!

  2. Jonelle Roman says:

    This is just beautiful.

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