Cooking Magic…Well washed and powdered…

I’d like to think of myself as every woman. I try to be, but I think it’s impossible to be every woman all the time. I have my moments. I have a few alter egos, June Clever being one of them, but except for my anal tidiness, the other aspects of her don’t reflect through me as often as I would like.  For example. I HATE TO COOK. Well…let me say that another way. I HATE TO COOK WHEN IT IS EXPECTED OF ME. Cooking can be a very enjoyable experience when I’m in the mood, otherwise it’s nothing more than a chore. It’s one of the parts of being a wife, that still after 5 years of marriage, I am not used to it. I fully expect to be very rich someday, so I anticipate us eating out a lot, ordering in, or hiring someone to do it. 😀 . In the mean time, I am forced to shake the shit outta June every now and again to wake her up, and cook up a storm, to remind my husband that I AM every woman. Sometimes.

Now, I remember growing up, the women in my family slaving over stoves to please their men, and I swore that would never be me. Cooking seemed to be in direct cahoots with love, and it was one of the greatest gestures you could do for your man, yadda yadda yadda. I remember hearing my grandmother tell my mom and my aunts when they were growing up, ‘man a go bang are you’ or ‘man nar go want  are you’, if they ever expressed displeasure in having to prepare a meal. Maybe that’s where the saying, “The way to a man’s heart is his stomach” comes from.  Notice it says ‘the’ way, not ‘a’ way.

I may hate to cook most times, but every now and again I will knock up a lil sumthin’ sumthin’. Though unlike June Clever, I am not well washed and powdered in heels humming a happy tune, I’m in slippers and a towel, ready for the bath after I’m done sweatin’ up a storm, creating the magic. 😀


Where the magic happens 😀


Where my magic happens.. 😀



Some previous cooking excursions.

Spinach Rice with Fish and Carrot sauce


Maccaroni & Cheese, Steamed Fish, Cabbage, Fried Plantain


Mashed Potato from Scratch, Ground chicken, Maccaroni Salad,Plantain, Broccoli, Corn


About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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7 Responses to Cooking Magic…Well washed and powdered…

  1. Cella says:


    Well I totally feel you on this. Oh the pressure to conform to being the superwoman, cook, lover, career woman, everything. As for the way to a man’s heart, I am sticking to my word that the many who enters my life must accept that I will cook – when I feel like! In other words he better love to cook himself. Unlike you, I’ve been on my own and living on my own for some time and so I have grown accustomed to cooking when I feel like. Who knows, that may change..?

  2. Cella says:

    That should have been “the MAN” not many…

  3. Briya says:

    Reading this made me smile sis 🙂

    I totally overstand where you’re coming from.

    Thing is this though… I looooooooove cooking… lol… My relationship with food is of paramount importance yo… 🙂 🙂 … I make love to my food everytime I eat… I fall asleep sometimes to Food Network and Cooking channel… and I’m VEGAN!!

    Now look… we alllll know what it’s like to eat supm soooo divine that we close our eyes for a second… or scre up our faces cuz we get so confused about how supm can taste so damn good… or we look at the food like… wtf is in this thing that’s doin this to me??….lolol… or even… the humming… the humming while eating when u’re humming a song that doesn’t even exist 😀

    Now energy is real yo. You love supm… it’s gonna show or be felt one way or the other… food is also a medium of transportation for that love… oh god i’m goin into this real deep now… (the mere mention of food does this to me!!)

    So… since you’re in this thing for the long run sis… and ur kids are observing EVERYTHING… how about trying to change your personal relationship with your food… like… try to even take it on as a challenge and a beautiful journey in this life… and for YOU… not anyone else… think of what you like to eat, and what you would like to explore… check those channels out… or check their websites… and sis… food can be a MAJOR aphrodisiac… ;)…. now don’t sleep on this shit yo… I’m foreal… endulge ur senses… lolol… your sense of sight, taste, smell, touch… and all other kinds of senses that are waiting to be engaged 😉

    I just did you a favour… :)… and simply googled… aphrodisiac vegetarian recipes:

    So go on sis… explore for yourself… have fun… and do it with love… ur body and senses deserve every bit of awakening and pleasure that this universe has to offer. Go to the supermarket and take your time… pick up some different herbs… try a new sauce… jus supm… and know that at the least, ur body would love u for it… ur fam (and esp ur husband) can only reap the benefits… but do it for YOU first ;).

    And get a bottle of wine while u at it too… shit… wine can be used to cook with, and also to drink after :p

    Also… u can pick a day on the weekend when you and ur hubby can try something new together in the kitchen… food… exploration… and then maybe otherwise… ;)… it’s all creating outta love and appetite…. hehehee… but just make sure that u get some food on the plates at the end of this ‘exercise’ 😀

    You can even have ur kids around while cooking (different day from one above… duh)… get them… well… at least ur daughter since she’s older… to help too.

    Ooooohhh k then… I’ve typed enough here… lol… I think the next time I come to Anu… all of us sisthas need to have a get together where we all cook… have fun… laugh… learn from wach other… and EAT!!!! nyyyuuummmm… I’ll organize it 😉

    Love u sis.

    • Tameka says:

      Girl,…your post made me smile soo hard. 😀 There are times when I go grocery shopping, that I have specific meals in mind, so I buy for them, then cooking is easy. I know what I’m gonna do. Then most times, I just pick up the regular stuff that make my fridge and cupboards look balanced, (whatever balanced means.) Now for me, the part I detest most about cooking, is figuring out what I want to cook. As balanced as my kitchen is most of the times, I’d be opening and closing the fridge and cupboard doors thinking, huh? The food network really inspires me alot, and I did make a resolution to be more adventurous with my cooking. Also, getting ma lil chica to assist in the kitchen is an excellent idea. She would love that.
      I love the idea of a bunch of us sisters getting together in a big beautiful kitchen and cooking up an amazing dinner, and setting a beautiful table and sitting and sharing our lives, kind of like “Why did I get Married”, without the husbands or boyfriends, and things getting smashed over somebody’s head. lolol 😀

      PS I like the way ya lil freaky mind works. 😀

  4. Joanne says:

    Feel you on this…and thinking we need to have a pot luck sometime…that food looking good…but I’ll probably have to bring the drinks 🙂

  5. Jonelle Roman says:

    For someone who don’t like to cook all dem dishes dey look bang good! lol…..LOVED this post! I can so relate! WHen I’m in the mood….I LOVE cooking and love cooking for the man I love. But lawd knows….there are days when I’m like, “I hope you hungry for cereal for dinner!”

  6. ritabroni says:

    I read your this post the other day and the first thing came to mind was how she came up with all these idea… I remember living with a man for years and he used to rather I cook everyday if possible rather than going out to buy food. In the beginning it was okay , because you wanted to please your man through his stomach, but after a while you start to hate the kitchen . I used to run out of ideas , like what else can I cook today? and why cooking seems like a job without much pay… Looking at this post I can relate on it very well. I love it, now I am hungry.

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