I’ve Turned into my Grannie……

So my mom calls me on Sunday (19th December 2010)…she is doing her end of year cleaning and she finds some of my china, (good eatery dinnerware) in the back of her cupboards. She is making space for some of her new good stuff , so she is trying to get rid of mine.

(I should also mention, that initially when I was moving out, she wanted to keep them because they were so nice, now all of a sudden, they’re not good enough for her anymore…) anywho..:-) 

I already had a part of the set when I initially moved into my house after I’d gotten married, but I’d forgotten about the rest of them. When she brought them over, I was also inspired to clean out my own kitchen cabinets as well. To my surprise, I realized that, ‘I got some nice shit’, but I never ever use them. I keep using the same ole plates and cups,..(yes cups not even glasses), but on the rear occasion that someone comes to my house, I instinctively go for the nice glass to serve them. What’s up with that?!..Then I remembered, my grandmother used to do that nonsense. As a child ,if I was gonna pour myself something to drink, before I could even touch the glass, she would say,… “No use da one day, get one cup instead!” ..lol

Imagine that? lolol

So, there I am in the kitchen, standing by my sink , washing  some really pretty unused glasses and plates, that have been doing what seemed to be their job of collecting dust. 

What foolishness.

 I’ve officially turned over a new leaf. From now on, I am  going to treat myself and my family like guests. We get to use the nice shit…

I see one problem though. How am I going to keep the kids from breaking the good stuff?



About bak2moi

I am a woman trying to balance motherhood and womanhood, while pursuing her dreams. Hopefully I get to keep at least foot on the ground during the process.
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One Response to I’ve Turned into my Grannie……

  1. Salma says:

    The dishes… Talk about the “chair set”! Yes… Where you put your ass. It was only good enough for guests. Then grandma’s BFF would come over with her gran-kids and spill something in it… OMG! She would she would put on her best “fake-self'” but would be mad as hell. Just imagine, my ass was not good enough for the “chair-set”. Twenty years (eh hem) I’m offended.

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